Fat Bike Helena

Helena, Montana can be your biking destination year round. In winter you just need to bring your Fat Bike. Don’t have a Fat Bike? Big Sky Cycling or Great Divide Cyclery can help you out with a rental or demo.

Packed single track
The South Hills Trails are popular year-round. In the winter months, snowy trails are naturally maintained by hikers first packing the snow down, followed by fat tire mountain bikers smoothing out the snow with their fat tires. Due to daily hikers on the trails, evening snowfall will likely be packed down the next day making the trails ready for your next ride.

Looking for current trail conditions for Fat Bikes? Visit the Fat Bike Helena Facebook group or South Hills on TrailForks.

Ten Mile Creek Park

The new trails at the Ten Mile Creek Park are a great beginner entry to Fat Bike.  The wide and mostly flat trails are an easy introduction to Fat Bike Trails.



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