Prickly Pear Land Trust South Hills Trail System Trail Code

Hiking or Biking in the South Hills?  Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the community adapted South Hills Trail Code.  Following this code will ensure a safe and fun biking experience for all.

Code of the Trails

1) Avoid using the trails if they are wet and muddy. If you encounter a muddy section ride or walk through it, not around.
2) Stay on designated trails and do not use closed or reclaimed trails. Never cut switchbacks.
3) Communicate with and/or yield to all other trail users.
4) Stay to the right on all roads, including private drives and unpaved access roads.
5) Bikers ride under control at all times and avoid locking brakes.
6) Respect private property and route closures.
7) When hiking or riding in groups, tell others how many are in your group when passing other trail users.
8) Help teach others about trail etiquette. Lead by example.

Staying Safe on the Trails

1) Watch for falling limbs and trees. Avoid areas of dead trees, especially during high wind events.
2) Be aware that Mt. Helena and Mt. Ascension are more congested than other parts of the system especially on weekday evenings and weekends. Ride with care.
3) Bikers should NOT descend the 1906 or Powerline Trails on Mt. Helena at any time.
4) On hot days remember to take plenty of water, enough for you and your dog.
5) Politely alert other people when passing and always approach at a slow speed.
6) When approaching horses; communicate with the riders and step off the trail to allow horses to pass.
7) Park vehicles in designated parking areas only. If it is not signed as a parking area or if you are not sure, then park somewhere else. Avoid parking on roads near Cox Lake and at the bottom of Show Me the Horse trailhead.
8) Wakina Sky Road and Lupine Drive are private driveways and open to the public on bike and foot only.
9) The Waterline Trail is still closed between Acropolis Hill and the lower Oro Fino trailhead.

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